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If you're searching for Mike Skinner and The Streets, then I'm sorry to say you're in the wrong place. But before you leave, please listen to an interview called "It's hard work, this rock 'n' roll", which might be of interest to you. It's all about the ups and downs of life on the road. You might recognise the themes. Please have a look around and see what The Smirks were up to long before The Streets were around. How did you get here anyway? Because this is the page about "Streets", a song by The Smirks about prostitution in Paris.


Released as BZZ 17 by Beserkley Records in 1978

Sorry, guys, couldn't make head nor tail of this one enough to write down a single word and be sure it's right. But I will try again...or maybe some of you have heard it and can help me?

Dr John has a go and offers this:

So now you think you know what it's about
And if you know how to (??)
The police can get you uptight
And if you had a little fight
And it worked all right
You see

Richard offers this for the chorus:

M m m m my game
M m m m my train
The winter fighting mood went and came
Oh yeah horny
The streets alive and working again.

Is it "my game" or "my gay"? And "my très", "my train" or "my trade"?

John sends this as an idea:

I've been trying to work out the Streets lyrics for nearly 30 years. I think the first line is "listen, I insist", then later in verse 1 "you know how to shock". Verse 2 I think has "...young lady with a ... like that, with a low-slung...that's good for my back" Then "says hello when you think you're in, then holds out her hand with a fifty dollar grin." But I could be completely wrong of course!! But it may help someone else to remember.

Other fragments of lines may or may not include:

Get you uptight


Says hello

This is so frustrating. It's a very catchy song, and I'm sure the lyrics do mean something worthwhile. Yet I just can't catch it, and so I can't sing along at all. It's like listening to a distant radio station or a foreign language you nearly managed to learn.

Mog tells me it's about the prostitutes they saw working the streets of Paris.

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