Always had that je ne sais quoi Irritating little combo with no plans to reform The most fun you can have with your shoes on
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Distant Cousins

Someone mentioned "Distant Cousins", and I must be honest enough to say that I had never heard of them. Apparently they released two albums and at least one very beautiful twelve-inch single, containing "You Used To" and "Concrete Boxes". That is just about where my knowledge of them begins and ends. Sparse information tells me that they were

  • Doreen Edwards (vocals)
  • Neil Fitzpatrick (guitars)
  • Simon Milner (piano)
  • Snuff (drums and percussion)

but that's as far as it goes. They played in Cologne on 9th May 1990, a set including "You Used To". Other songs played are in bold below. I've also managed to uncover precisely one black and white picture, which looks as if it came out of a newspaper.

The documentary "Band Of Hope", broadcast on Radio 4 in 1988 or 1989 covered the band, and drew on material in the earlier Smirks documentary

If any more information comes to light, then I will add it here.

You Used To
by Distant Cousins
download (sample)

Concrete Boxes
by Distant Cousins

Distant Cousins

Distant Cousins albums

Distant Cousins album sleeve


  • Sense Of Smell
  • That's Just Between You And Me
  • You Used To
  • I'll Be With You
  • Everything That I Possess
  • Write Down That Moment
  • Boo Hoo Hoo
  • Touch Me
  • Carry Me Home

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Warm Hatred album sleeve


  • My Brother
  • Sharpen The Blade
  • The Only Way
  • All I Need
  • Let Me Be The One
  • Did I?
  • Every Little Beat
  • Would You?
  • Good Friend
  • Warm Hatred
  • You Used To

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Distant Cousins shorter recordings

Distant Cousins
  • Boo Hoo Hoo
  • Palm Of Your Hand
  • I'll Be With You (Orchestrated Version)
Distant Cousins
  • You Used To (1989)
  • Concrete Boxes
  • My Man
  • That's Just Between You And Me
  • You Used To (1992)
  • Story Of My Life
  • I'm In No Mood
  • I'll Be With You
Distant Cousins

Distant Cousins unrecorded songs

This page is NOT about the New York band of the same name with singer Catherine Dail, who recorded "Twice Removed" and "Love Life".

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