Always had that je ne sais quoi Irritating little combo with no plans to reform The most fun you can have with your shoes on
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The Smirks live

The Smirks live shows and loyal fans were the key to their success. A list of concerts and some photographs from shows in 1978 and 1980 are pretty much all that remain, unless you count various newspaper reviews, some favourable, some less so.

Two live shows

I am very grateful to Jim, Mark and others for making this live material available to me. The live music comes from two concerts in London early in 1980. The only released song in the live material here was Rosemary, which had been released as a single nearly two years earlier.


There were some other songs played at these concerts which are not yet available. These are as follows:

A full list of all songs ever known to have been played by the band is on the songs page.

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