Always had that je ne sais quoi Irritating little combo with no plans to reform The most fun you can have with your shoes on
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Between November 1978 and June 1979, The Smirks produced at least three newsletters. These were double-sided typewritten A4 pages. I am very much indebted to Richard for letting me have copies of these rare documents to reproduce on the website. Were any other issues of this document ever produced? Please let me know.

Please note that none of the addresses or telephone numbers in the articles are still current. No product listed or advertised in the newsletters is still available.

However, records and badges are occasionally advertised for sale at eBay and elsewhere. The only time I saw a large poster offered for sale, it went for 22.50.

If you do want to buy modern Smirks products, please visit the shop on this site.

Images of the newsletters Text of the newsletters
  1. Oct/Nov/Dec 1978
  2. Jan/Feb/Mar 1979
  3. Apr/May/Jun 1979
  1. Oct/Nov/Dec 1978
  2. Jan/Feb/Mar 1979
  3. Apr/May/Jun 1979

Current news

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