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The Smirks Peel Session

On 19th April, 1978, The Smirks went into the BBC's studios in Maida Vale and recorded a session for the legendary John Peel show. With producer Malcolm Brown and engineer Nick Gomm, they recorded four songs, which were broadcast one week later on 26th April. Many thanks to Sandy for making the Peel session available to a wider audience.

The BBC's page describing this historic event is available here.

What is the correct order for these songs? It probably doesn't matter too much, as they were all from the same session. The order in which they were broadcast is what you have on this page, but on the BBC page, the order is Fool/Banking/OK-UK/Island Sea. The preface to Ken Garner's book, In Session Tonight states that ...all track titles...have been entered as on the session sheet or contract.... So Sandy and I guess is that the Peel site sequence is the order in which the songs were recorded - but who knows?

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