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In late 1978, The Smirks went into the studio and recorded what was to have been their first album "Smirkology". Unfortunately, the problems they had with Beserkley Records meant that the album never saw the light of day. The band released the American Patriots EP as a consolation for themselves and their fans, but it was not quite the same.

In 2005, Mog very kindly supplied me with copies of music from the album, and it was put online here in late 2005, and I offer him very many thanks.

Rumours of the impending release of the album continued, and I finally heard confirmation that the album Smirkology was due to be released at the end of October 2007.

Unfortunately, it has just been announced that, following the takeover of Sanctuary Records, it now seems that the album will not be released as previously suggested. This is obviously a bitter disappointment, but it's probably not a permanent setback. Still, we've all been waiting the best part of thirty years, so I'm sure we can wait a few weeks or months more.

If you have already ordered a copy of the album though this site, please note that Amazon's policy says "we do not debit any money from your account until just before the order is dispatched".

Update: Amazon have sent out an email to the people who had ordered the product, and it seems that early 2008 is the new date...

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Click on the Smirkology link to see the link to the album at Amazon, and the opportunity to place an advance order.

It looks to be a very attractive package, containing all the singles, all the original songs from the album and some additional material too, some of which is unknown to me. It will be a two disc set, and the tracks are as follows:

Disc 1 (The Singles)

  1. Streets
  2. Angry With Myself
  3. American Patriots
  4. To You
  5. Up Eh Up (Lancashire Dub)
  6. New Music
  7. She's Out Of Love
  8. OK UK
  9. I Don't Think So
  10. Rosemary
  11. Joe And His Mates
  12. Pop And Roll Tea Boy
  13. Penetration

Disc 2 (Unreleased Album, Plus Collectors' Rarities)

  1. So Happy
  2. Another Cliché
  3. Too Close
  4. Crackup No.2
  5. Falling Out Of Love
  6. Fool
  7. Streets
  8. Wasted Passion
  9. Slow And Hazy
  10. Julie Julie
  11. The Devil Inside
  12. Banking With The Bankers
  13. Rosemary (Alt Mix) - Bonus Track
  14. Wasted Passion (Alt Vocal) - Bonus Track
  15. Streets (Alt Version) - Bonus Track
  16. Easy Come, Easy Go (Live) - Bonus Track
  17. New Music (Live) - Bonus Track
  18. Photograph (Live) - Bonus Track
  19. Breakdown (Live) - Bonus Track
  20. Who's That (Live) - Bonus Track
  21. Set Me Free (demo) - Bonus Track

This is very similar to the track listing I had for the album before. I'll update this as soon as I can, but it looks as if some of the songs have been renamed. Or it's possible that there have been some other changes. Still, it's all very exciting, even if it is almost thirty years too late.

Still, we don't seem to be getting "The Island Sea" or "Easy Come Easy Go", but just about everything else you could hope for is there, and I'm told the materially has been completely remastered and sounds better than ever. Mog told me that "The Island Sea" doesn't have the same feel as the rest of their material, but it will be released on the B-side of "To You". Meanwhile, here is a spreadsheet with more and slightly contradictory information about Smirkology.

Here is the information and music I used to have about the album:

Side One

Side Two


So Happy

Space City Or...

Razzy Snazzy Lassie

Pro Pro

Falling Out Of Love


The Island Sea ***


Wasted Passion

Little Lady

Julie Julie

The Devil Inside

Banking With The Bankers

I Don't Think So

Easy Come Easy Go

Pop And Roll Tea Boy

New Music (radio session)

Set Me Free


Taken from The unreleased Beserkley album.

Produced Laurie Latham and The Smirks except *** produced by Chaz Jankel.

Recorded at The Workhouse London, Winter 1978

Additional material

Extras recorded in Various Manchester Studios 1978-1979.

Various producers including Stuart James, Steve (jah) Foley and The Smirks

John Peel Session

Almost as legendary as "Smirkology" was the John Peel session recorded by The Smirks in April 1978. Please visit the Page to hear this short but magnificent session.

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