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Newsletter 2 - Jan/Feb/Mar 1979

Well hello!

We are very late with this our second newsletter but as you may have noticed we've had our problems. We are now no longer with Beserkley. We left them because they were no longer operating as they had promised they would. But there's no need to go into detail here because there's more important things that we want to tell you about.


To coincide with our nationwide tour we are releasing 3 brand new songs on our SmirkSongs label(DHSS 01). The tracks are Side 1 Angry With Myself and Penetration Side 2 American Patriots. There's almost 10 minutes music and it will cost 1. Although that's a bit more than we would like it to sell for we think its good value. And furthermore we aren't a big company who can cover losses. Anyway hope you get this collectors item because only 5,000 are being made. Order it now from your local record shop.

Again you can help us by checking that the record is in stock and that local shops know about it. Do displays for them! If a record shop doesn't know how to order it tell them that Rough Trade, Virgin, Bonaparte, Lightning, Wynd Up, Faulty, Scotia, Flyover, Relay all distribute it.

The EP was recorded in Rochdale, Manchester on Feb 22 in one day. It was produced by Mike Hewlett who has just completed Penetration, Punishment of Luxury, and Fischer Z albums. This is the first time that the two have worked together. Tell us what you think.

MARCH TOUR The Seek Employment Tour

Hope that you get this in time. The tour is costing us more that we can afford since we no longer can rely on help from a record company (except SmirkSongs!). So hope you tell lots of people about it and look forward to seeing you on one, or more, of the concerts. John Dowie is the support, he is great so get there early so as not to miss him.

That is really quite a gruelling short tour. If you fancy putting the Smirks up for a night that would help a lot especially at Norwich,Leicester,Sheffield, and Retford! Give us a ring.


If you would like to not only have the American Patriots EP but also the badge of the EP. Send 15p plus SAE for a red, white and blue badge, from SMIRKBADGE, at the usual adress.

If you want a Smirk-on-a-Stick you will have to buy the NME (March 10 issue) and then make your own, but at least it's free! We don't even charge for the artwork.

Please don't try and get the American Patriots through us, its easier and better for us if it is sold through the shops. But if you really can't get hold of it after months of trying, send us 1 plus 20p (p&p). Cheques and postal orders made out to SmirkSongs and sent to the usual address.


Smirks Against Travolta. Well, we think we won, he thinks otherwise but he won't be back in a hurry. By the way there's a rumour that we might be taking the campaign to the man's doorstep. More info to follow. Badges are still available at lOp plus SAE. By the way many apologies for the lateness with getting some badges to you, this was as a result of an enormous demand and the badge makers being also very slow in getting extra supplies to us. But we now have supplies.

Radio 4 programme still no final transmission date.

Quite a few people have asked what instruments The Smirks play. Well for those of you who are interested here goes:


Finalise a new recording contract, get another single out, then get an album out. In between record, play more gigs, and travel to Europe and perhaps further afield.

So hope all this was of some interest to you. Hope to see you during the tour, and lastly apart from hoping that you like the EP we hope that you get it and persuade others to do the same. We need your help even more than ever before. We'd rather, anyway get help from all of you than some guy based in an office in London.

If you have any bright suggestions that you think may help to promote the record let us know.

Try and get your local radio/paper to give the record a play/mention. And don't forget all those requests to John Peel, Andy Peebles, Kid Jensen, Paul Burnett etc.

With all this how can it fail to reach the top ten????

Bye bye from all of us and KEEP IF TOUCH. (Remember to send SAE's if you want to receive the next Newsletter)

STOP PRESS: Smirks American Patriots party at the Continental Club, 2, Harter Street, Manchester (off Princess St). Date is Tuesday 20 March. From l0pm till late. Everyone welcome. Free.

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