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Newsletter 3 - Apr/May/Jun 1979

This newsletter reads at 33 1/3 RPM.


Hello again!

For what seems like years, the writer of this newsletter has been an avid Smirks fan, never paying to get into gigs, buying the band drinks, humping equipment, and even once being ill in the Smirks van, not as a result of excess drinking but more as a sign of devotion and formal entry into the business of rock and roll/pop music/new wave etc. I have now been fully accepted as an integral part of the band's set-up, and will do anything to further the band's career. Imagine my feelings when I was formally invited to do a guest appearance as the Editor of the latest Smirks newsletter!


It was all very well accepting the offer to distribute latest band news, but the problems which lay ahead were daunting to say the least. Ed. had one clear advantage over other prospective newsletter journalists, he knew the lay-out of the manager's office. Underneath the pile of NMEs MMs and Men Only's lay the diary of one Andrew Jaspan, manager, 42, and that, Ed. decided would be the key to success. Opening it sneakily, with the unsold copies of 'American Patriots' wedged firmly up against the door to stop anyone entering, he skipped past various rude bits, and found what he was looking for - the Smirks future plans!!! Delighted with this progress, Ed. saw the bit which he felt deserved to be given prominence:


A little confused by side notes of 'short, back and sides', he decided to simply give out the information that the tracks are called TO YOU and NEW MUSIC, and to order Smirks fans to both buy, and plug the record by requesting it on Radio 1 and their local stations, and asking discos to play it. (Ed was, requested to inform readers that the record is not available from Smirksongs so make sure your record shop orders it!) The fact that the record was recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport did not interest Ed. very much, but he was staggered to read the following entry in A.J.s diary, under May 31st ...... (Cont. over the page on side two)



The accompanying note that the gig was crucial because final plans for a recording contract were likely to be decided, and a strong plea to newsletter readers to persuade as many people as possible to turn up and make it a night to remember, did not excite the Editor as much as the fact that at the last Nashville gig, he had been asked to operate the spotlight and maybe could do so again! O.K., he thought, so he had missed one or two little moments like the second half of the, set, and the first two or three songs, his performance that night had been quite excellent. It was not, he had always maintained, his fault that the band got another encore after he had switched the thing off. Come along and judge for yourself readers..... COULD EVEN BE LAST LONDON GIG EVER (TRUE)

Future Plans

Turning over various other pages, the editor noticed vague notes on a possible visit to the states, a possible European tour in the summer, and a possible U.K. festival date as well. Angry that readers might accuse him of amateurish journalism, the editor assures his readers that they will be kept informed of later developments. If you want the Smirks to play round your way get local promoters to phone Derek Block's Agency on 01-439 9030. Under June 14 there is a definite date booked at the Apollo in Manchester with the Skids, so, get along! Last ever Manchester gig?

Sales Corner

A few copies of American Patriots can still be bought at the inclusive rate of 1 (including 30p p&p). Also Smirk-on-a-stick badges for 20p + p&p, and posters (colour 20" x 30" - 50p) (black/white 30" x 40" - 50p) All items from the Editor, at the above address. Ed requests: that you mark each letter on the outside with an indication of your order. i.e. NEWS 4.

* All correspondence, if you want a reply, must have a SAE.

Other News

The Editor would like to wish all his readers a safe journey to the Nashville and thank them once again for all their letters. See you on the 31st when I will be involved in collecting more information for the next newsletter.

P.S. If you want lyrics, write to Virgin Music (Publishers), 2-4 Vernon Yard, Portobello Rd, London W11. (Send SAE)

P.P.S. Sorry if we're a bit slow with replies. You try writing 40/50 letters a week, every week.

Smirk off

Tim Walker



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